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Chapter: Indonesia|Singapore|China|Australia|USA|Korea

Problems Solving Process

We communicate with customers to check closely what is really required by customers to create the effective solutions.



Meeting with customers and analyse field site. Analyse customer’s resources. Set production direction. 



Select and create resources. Plan, optimise assets and review usability. Arrange development schedule.



Co-ordinate to field site. Installation and operation guide. Maintenance and support. Customer’s feedback.

Our Solutions

Aim to solve your problems with cost effective and stable system authorised by our official partners. We deliver our promise. Take your mission to the edge.  

Industrial Assistant

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Vehicle Simulation

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Safety Awareness

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Medical & Healthcare

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Tactical Task Force

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Industrial Smart Assistant

We provide the optimized solution for you, from consulting for problem
diagnosis to coming up with solutions and the actual application,
considering the nature of your business and the demands of your worksites.

Who is using it?

No.1 product credibility recognised by national departments & corporates.

Industrial Smart Assistant Solutions

We are exclusive partner of Virnect in Southeast Asia that provides a one-on-one service to our clients for a sustainable solution in rooting out fundamental problems. 


Quickly and precisely understand the field site situation remotely. Give correct task procedures via AR guides and hence reduce downtime.


Digitize expert’s know-hows into AR content. The content can be created, distributed and managed through non-coding method.


Provides web-based management functions of a “Workspace” including management of members, report, content, and task assigning. 

Driver Training System

With DTS, drivers can improve their defensive driving skills, decrease the chance of accidents, and increase situational awareness.

Who is using it?

Credibility recognised by multi-national departments & companies.

DTS Driver Training System

DTS brings long-standing expertise in training both private and commercial drivers to meet their unique needs. The simulation helps to build essential muscle memory in a controlled learning experience fordefensive driving in
safe environment. 


Simulated from real cases. Driver gets to handle the incidence safely under different conditions. Progressive basic & advanced driving tasks in the huge virtual city training ground with physics closed to reality.


Edit route & training goal setting. Intervention with various weather, traffic, vehicle conditions in training mode.


From consumer-grade table-top driving wheel to actual-sized truck cabin mounted on military grade of 6 DoF motion platform. Produce 1-1.5 G force simulated by control panel. Seamless LED curved screen as windscreen and digital screen as side mirror.