Malaysia HQ: PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana
Chapter: Indonesia|Singapore|China|Australia|US|Taiwan


Leading the charge in advanced XR ecosystems. 


Creating business opportunities that support the XR (AR/VR/MR) ecosystem.


To be the provider of choice for XR solutions by maximizing value for all our members & partners.


Serving our customers with innovative technology solutions.

A few things we’re great at

We maintain an outstanding reputation in the AR/VR community for uncompromising quality, superior results, and delivering on commitments.


AR/VR/MR/5G solutions for law enforcement, aviation, manufacturing, health care and tourism. Entertainment attractions in theme park, exhibition events. Scenario-based simulation for skill training in driving school, hospital, military, airport and racing sport.



Conducting fast-track workshops in augmented reality/ virtual reality, mixed-reality virtual studio, 3D animation, game programming and development, visual effects and computer graphics. Best for on-job training as career enhancement.



Advisor and speaker for conference, events, institutions, corporates and goverment. Level up your organisation towards industry 4.0 with XR, AI, robotic and 5G connectivity. Managing projects across theme park and customise solutions.



An individual no matter how talented is limited to create a finite amount of things.
But as a team, the possibilities are infinite. We care about your business, whether you are in AR/VR/MR.


Get to the group of experts directly. Save your time and money in searching for the right solution provider. Expand your brilliant ideas, with the help from our knowledge and expertise back by the entire XR industry.


Expand business opportunity in the region that represented by association of XR industry. Sharing industry resources for effectiveness by splitting the risk of repeated development and investment.


Support for the marketing, latest hardware and software technologies that ulitilised by XRA companies. Creating success stories through the projects that developed by our talented teams.


Only real business can sustain a company. Set the common goals. Build the community in regional chapters. Lead the industry to the new era.

Our Records

Keep working. Keep growing. Championing the XR industry with the power of alliance.





Connecting your
business & technology  at the hub of
Southeast Asia

XR Associates (XRA) has been at the forefront of offering cutting edge technologies in Malaysia for the past 8 years. As the Association of XR headquarter in Malaysia, with more than 50 company members and strategic partners from Indonesia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, USA. Today, our association is one of the leading providers of XR solutions to the Asia market. We offer our clients full lifecycle computer systems and software engineering capabilities, innovative solutions for industry 4.0, virtual training, and effectual program management with XR (Extended Reality) included AR – Augmented Reality, VR – Virtual Reality, MR – Mixed Reality, AI, Robotic, Simulator. Provide to vertical industry including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Emergency Response, Security & Defense, Entertainment, Marketing, Tourism, Automotive, Aviation, using the similar processes as in digital creative content development. We aim to increase public awareness and market demand within the digital ecosystems together with government and private sectors.

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What Members Get

XRA understand your pain point. Let’s talk about real business. You focus on developing a cool product. We take care of your business development. XRA family is a trusted friend like no other.

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Industry Committee

 Participate in our voluntary committee. Members are responsible for
ensuring that all decisions are taken in the best interests of the organisation and in accordance with the
XRA’s mission aims and objectives.  


Havene Liew


XR Associates

Keena Tan

Vice President
Global Partnership for Education

XR Associates

Justin Wong

Vice President
Business Development


Hong Jie, Low

Vice President
Business Development

XR Associates

Aaron Lim

Vice President
XR Technologist

XR Associates

Fariz Hanapiah

Vice President
XR Community

EDT, Creative Director

Jason Chong

Vice President
Global Strategy

Raceroom Asia,  CEO

Nico Alyus

Vice President


William Irawan

Vice President
Indonesia Chapter

PrimeSkills, CEO

Aryeh Sternberg

Vice President
Australia/ New Zealand Chapter

Prime Variable, Founder

Mark Wong

Vice President
Singapore Chapter

FXMedia, CEO

Brian Krawitz

Vice President
USA Chapter

XR Community

Leo Zhang

Vice President
China Chapter

HenYork, CEO


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our members say:

XR Associates
has experts worldwide in the Augmented Reality
and Virtual Reality fields as members of XRA,
a platform you can leverage to bring your XR business to the next level.

Jason Chong

Raceroom Asia, Malaysia

The global XR community is growing
because of initiatives like the XRA, connecting AR/VR experts across the region to deliver quality projects and grow the market.

Aryeh Sternberg

Prime Variable, Australia

What makes XRA interesting is that we are made up of people who share similar interest, challenges and opportunities – constantly provide value to the XR industry. 

Justin Wong

TrueXR, Malaysia

Being part of XRA, we are able to tab and leverage the vast knowledge of the community.
XRA friendly community give us the opportunities to grow in greater heights.

Mark Wong

FXMedia, Singapore

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